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Step 1

Call us today for immediate support or you can set up a consult time that works for you. 

Step 2

On the appointment day we’ll discuss and determine your back taxes owed, what the IRS claims you owe and what we can do resolve your Federal and/or state tax debt!

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Step 3

We’ll get to work in resolving your tax problems with minimal input or effort on your end! Regular updates and direction will be provided to help you further along your path.

What Our Clients Say !

Philip Burgos
Philip Burgos
I was referred by a family member to use this tax relief company in March 2021.  I thought I was never going to resolve my tax problem because I didn’t have the money up front to pay. They helped me with an affordable payment plan and no interest. They filed everything fast and now we are just waiting on the IRS. I’m actually surprised the process was that easy and I was making the problem worse by not doing anything. I’m very happy and feel comfortable with how everything has been handled. I will refer Maulini EA Tax Relief to everyone I know. Carissa cares about my situation and explained all scenarios in detail with a back up plan. They never over promised but always over delivered. Thank you so much, I feel like I can move on with my life without living in fear.
Carmen Figueroa
Carmen Figueroa
I was referred to Maulini Tax Resolution by a friend that previously had tax IRS issues and she was able to help her resolve case very quickly. I've been working with this firm since May 2021. My agent Carissa has been so helpful and is constantly updating me on the process. I'm glad I found someone who actually cares and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you !
Anna Burgos
Anna Burgos
Mrs Mauluni went above and beyond to help me with my tax problem, without hesitation, when no one else wanted to touch my complicated IRS/TAX DEBTsituation, she took the challenge. I recieved a refund that I was rightfully owed and when my previous accountant never even bothered to verify certain credits. Carissa, went above and beyond to search and fight for any monies owed to me! I am very thankful to have her be my accountant. Very professional, detail oriented and Honest! She earned my respect and buisness for ever. Thank you with all my heart and soul. GOD BLESS YOU!
Elizebeth Lopez
Elizebeth Lopez
Carissa has an amazing amount of experience from managing corporate sets of books to small businesses. I was afraid to let someone help me with my books and taxes but I’m so glad I did. Not only do I have peace of mind on a month to month basis that she’s reviewing and second checking my work but making sure we are ready and organized for taxes each year. Carissa has been managing my books since 2015 and has done my taxes. If you are ready to have someone help you take over the accounting and keep you on track for tax season, look no further! She’s honest, educated and only works for your best interest.

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Carissa Maulini | Tax Resolution Specialist | Maulini EA Tax Resolution


Actively an Enrolled Agent, accredited by The United States Department of Treasury. Valuing integrity, honesty, and the best ethical practices according to circular 230. Maulini EA was founded because Carissa truly believes in helping hard working individuals while also abiding by the Internal Revenue Code. 

” No one escapes Death or Taxes, we all need to pay taxes, but there are legal ways to lower your liability, you just have to be willing to plan properly”.


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